Response to invitation from Kairos to attend Prayer Vigil on 13 May 2018

Thank you for your invitation to a vigil for Palestine on 13 May 2018. DEISI International is unfortunately unable to accept your invitation for the reasons set out below.

As far as DEISI International is concerned, your claims that

“the event is an initiative of the Christian community in South Africa,”

and that

“a growing number of Christians are increasingly awake to the true nature of the Israeli Apartheid State,”

are dishonest and nothing but anti-Israel propaganda.

To the contrary, a growing number of Christians are increasingly awaking to the fact that

they have to visit the democratic State of Israel to get true facts for themselves, rather than

stay home and be lied to by groups, individuals and organisations that hate Israel. Many of

those who do visit Israel come back convinced that the allegation that Israel is an apartheid

state is a lie.

If you believe in truth, then you should be ashamed of yourselves for alleging that

“since 1948 with the establishment of the modern State of Israel, Palestinians have faced 70 years of ethnic cleansing by Israel.”

Where has or is ethnic cleansing taking place? Please honestly tell me the exact place so that I can visit this place later when I visit Israel for the 18th time this year. This is a shameful lie that should never be told by anyone who claims to believe in our Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ.

The Palestinian people do face many hardships. These hardships are, however, caused

by their leaders. Again, we can compare the facts. The leadership of DEISI International

wishes to know whether Kairos has ever condemned the Palestinian Authority or Hamas for

their ill-treatment of the Palestinian people. Has Kairos ever condemned Iran and other

enemies of Israel who have threatened to annihilate Israel and remove them from the face

of the earth. If yes, please send us a copy of that statement. If not, is your silence implying

that you agree with those who are threatening to destroy the nation of Israel?

You talk about

“land belonging to the indigenous Palestinian people was and continues to be stolen.”

Are you referring to the land that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob gave

to Abraham and his descendants forever? Do you know who coined the word “Palestine”

and why? If you don’t, then please ask and we will give you historical facts and not


Lastly, you claim that “the Christian presence in the “Holy Land” is at risk due to “Israeli

Apartheid.” I am very curious to know whether you are deliberately misleading people with

your lying, or are you so terribly deceived? For your information, the Christian presence is

dwindling in Arab and Islamic states, but growing in Israel. If you want us to exchange stats,we can do so. In those statistics, we should include the number of Christians who have been killed for their faith in some Arab and Islamic states as compared to Christians who have been killed for their faith in the democratic State of Israel.

Let us love truth and hate lies. Let us investigate who teaches their children to love

people, and who teaches their children to hate people of other faiths.

We intend to invite you to our prayer vigil to pray for peace in the Middle East and for

protection of Israelis if Iran starts war to try and annihilate them. We hope you will accept

this invitation. In the meantime, we remind all who wish that Israel be destroyed that the

God of Israel promised, through the Prophet Isaiah, that

“no weapon formed against them shall prosper”

(Isaiah 54:17).

Issued by: Rev Kenneth Meshoe, MP, DEISI International Founder and President.

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