DEISI International laments the recall of South Africa’s Ambassador to Israel and condemns Hamas

DEISI International laments the South African government’s decision to recall the South African Ambassador from Israel as announced yesterday by Ndivhuwo Mabaya, spokesperson for the Department of International Relations.

DEISI is very saddened by the loss of lives, which included children and innocent civilians, during yesterday’s riots at the Gaza-Israel border. The truth is that Hamas, and not Israel, is solely responsible for these deaths. From the first ‘March of Return’ on 30 March 2018, Hamas has deliberately put the Palestinian people in harm’s way. Announced to the world as a series of peaceful protests to demonstrate the Palestinian’s right to return to Israel, these protests have been nothing but peaceful. Week after week, Hamas has manipulated Palestinians truly wanting a better life for themselves and used children and innocent civilians as screens to mask its ultimate goal: compromise the Gaza-Israel border, infiltrate the border and kill the Jews. At yesterday’s riots, there were attempts to plant explosive devices at the border. People were armed with knives, cocktails and other weapons, just as they were at previous marches.

Palestinians Burning The Israeli Flag

Israel, like any sovereign state, has the right to defend its borders and its people against those who seek her destruction. Hamas’s views on the State of Israel are not a secret: destroy the State of Israel and kill the Jews. These views are clearly stated for all to see in the founding covenants of Hamas and are repeatedly said by its leaders. DEISI condemns Hamas’s use of children and innocent civilians to accomplish this heinous goal.

DEISI would like to remind South Africans that in 2015, South Africa’s ruling party, the African National Congress (ANC) welcomed Hamas, an internationally recognised terrorist organisation, into South Africa with open arms for a series of meetings. The Hamas delegation, which was headed by the leader of Hamas’s political bureau, Khaled Mashaal, and included Mashaal’s deputy Moussa Abu Marzouk, met with senior ANC leaders including then President of the ANC and country, Jacob Zuma. Gwede Mantashe, the then ANC secretary-general, reported that the ANC had signed a “letter of intent” with Hamas. Mr. Mantashe further said that the ANC “have an intention of building a long-lasting relationship”.

The ANC again welcomed senior leaders of this terrorist organisation as guests at the ANC’s 54th National Conference in December 2017. Hamas was not only given a VIP seat at the conference, it was also given an opportunity to address the conference.

This morning, Hamas issued a statement welcoming South Africa’s withdrawal of Ambassador Sisa Ngombane. It is exceptionally worrisome that our country should receive praise from a terrorist organisation that is known for its oppression of people, gross acts of violence and hatred of life.

All South Africans who desire a peaceful and prosperous future for their country should be very concerned at the ANC’s continued cozying with an organisation that is anything but peace-loving. South Africans who are concerned about their own futures and who truly wish to see peace for both Israeli’s and Palestinians must put aside their political affiliations. Now is the time to stand together for what is true and just and demand that the ANC and our government do the same. Until the world holds Hamas accountable for its actions, the Palestinian people will continue to be vulnerable to further oppression and potential loss of lives.

Palestinians Launching A Swastika Kite

In Genesis 12:3, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob said that He will bless those who blessed Israel and curse those who cursed Israel. The pages of history give testament to the fact that indeed, nations that bless Israel are blessed and nations that curse Israel are cursed. South Africa and South Africans, we cannot afford to be cursed by God.

DEISI calls on the South African Government to reverse its decision and calls all South Africans to demand that their government cuts its ties with Hamas. We also encourage South Africans who know the truth to boldly and consistently speak the truth at every opportunity that they can! Now more than ever, we cannot keep silent. Our silence emboldens the enemies of Israel and leads to the deception of those who do not know the facts.

Olga Meshoe Washington

DEISI International: CEO

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