DEISI is an acronym that stands for "Defend Embrace Invest(In) Support Israel". DEISI was established as a Not-For-Profit organisation in late 2013 by Rev Dr Kenneth Meshoe, to create platforms, provide resources and opportunities for all people to be educated and exposed to the truth regarding the middle east conflict, the right of the State of  Israel to exist within safe and secure borders, and the unique Africa-Israel relationship.

To raise a movement of:

  • ambassadors of truth who are educated to speak the truth regarding Israel’s legitimacy to exist as a nation in the land God gave to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and their descendants forever;

  • skilled advocates who are equipped and resourced to refute the notion that Israel is an apartheid State and that Zionism is racism; and

  • activists who will stand for justice with courage and moral clarity.


  • Create and facilitate educational platforms

  • Conduct educational trips to Israel

  • Educate the Christian church of its Hebraic roots and its Biblical mandate to state with Israel

  • Encourage people to invest in the land of Israel and its people

  • Demonstrate the practical benefits of being a friend of Israel, particularly in underdeveloped communities


  • Truth, love, peace, justice, courage and moral clarity



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