2014 Educational Tour to Israel

In 2014 DEISI International took 27 youth and community leaders on its first educational tour to Israel. These youth experienced 10 days of intense learning and education whilst they travelled the length and breadth of Israel and the West Bank. This trip afforded participants the opportunity to:

  1. see and experience for themselves the daily interactions between black and white, Arab and Jewish Israelis;

  2. learn of the abundance of material benefits that South Africa and Africa can receive from Israeli technology, innovations, and investments and how these can contribute to the South Africa’s and Africa’s continued development;

  3. learn of the importance of Israel as a home for all faiths (and not just Judaism); and

  4. sample the wealth of what Israel as a nation and her people can offer the world.


My life after the DEISI tour of Israel was changed on 2 levels: Politically - we saw that the lies that were spread before and during operation protective edge were a lie. We even went to a Bethlehem, the so-called Palestinian side in our quest for truth. As a Christian, walking where Jesus walked and going to Holy sites revived my faith and connection with Jewish people.” – Tlotliso Mphuthi


“The DEISI educational tour to Israel helped me gain better understanding on the Israel-Palestine saga, it also exposed the lies that we read and hear about on the news. I was able to see and understand the relations between the Jews, Arabs and people of other races living in Israel. I am now able to make judgements on my own and stand for the truth firmly and with better understanding than before the tour.” – Refilwe Maphisa


“Upon arriving in Israel at Ben Gurion Airport, I had only one interest and that was to look  for any sign of 'Apartheid' as alluded by the ignorant if not ill informed international community. After having visited almost every corner of Israel, to my surprise, I came to the realization that Israel is a free, vibrant & diverse nation. The level of innovation in this small country is countless. One wonders, why the international community & media focuses their energy in trying to discredit Israel and not report about the much-needed solutions Israel has to offer to the world. Such solutions involve, inter alia, water technology that can help alleviate the drought crisis that, South Africa and many other countries face. Israel is not a perfect country but faces challenges just like any other country in the world. My visit to Israel has sparked an interest in visiting her again, to explore all that she has to offer.” – Sifiso Ngwenya


“Going to Israel was a dream come true! The trip was an all round educational trip with loads to learn, from politics, history, religion, geography to current affairs and not just of Israel but of the Middle Eastern region as a whole. After the tour, as an individual my perspective on certain things has changed, I've now stopped believing everything I hear especially from the media and biased organisations such as the UN, fronting to care about humanity while they don't. I also gained boldness and courage to be able to stand up for the truth without compromise, fear or shame.  The most important truth I came back with is that ISRAEL IS NOT AN APARTHEID STATE! I also came to the realisation that just because I am pro-Israel, doesn’t mean I am anti Palestinian or against other Middle Eastern countries. Just as much as I am praying for Israel I have to pray for Arabs as well. I want to see peace in Israel and reality is Israel is not at war with itself but with other nations and until we start praying and showing love to the whole of the Middle East, peace will just be a farfetched idea.” – Ntsiki Thamanga


The #Freedom Series is a uniquely South African educational drive with the deliberate strategy to mobilise black youth. The Series highlights the achievement of various freedoms in South Africa and draws parallels on how these may or may not exist in Israel and the Middle East.


Bootcamps are bespoke and intensified training sessions facilitated by DEISI. Topics covered range from effective advocacy to learning of the Israel-Africa connection and the Biblical mandate to stand with Israel.

South Africa Night to Honour Israel

Hosted for the first time in 2016 and then again in2017, SANTHI is DEISI’s annual flagship event. Hundreds of Christians and Jews of all ages and from all walks of life, from all over South Africa and neighbouring countries have gathered together to celebrate the Jewish diaspora in South Africa and the State of Israel in song, dance and words of affirmation. Both nights were nights to remember as we blessed Israel according to Genesis 12:3!


DEISI members have participated in the Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge each year since 2014 and have brought more medals home every year!


Riding as #TeamEntebbe, the #Ride4AfricaIsrael is an effort to raise funds for the implementation of Israeli agricultural technology in underprivileged communities across South Africa. The ride is also an effort to showcase the black community’s solidarity with the Jewish community.

Thirst For Hope

Thirst for Hope is an initiative powered by DEISI the Jewish Academy of Jewish Thought and Learning which focuses on feeding scheme development, environmental education, water conservation, food security, sustainable energy solutions and the promotion of healthy living. The initiative also works on small business development and training and is targeted to disadvantaged black communities, school children and HIV/AIDS orphans.

Women of Zion

From ancient Biblical times, women have been protectors, defenders, enablers and cultivators of the destinies of individuals and the destinies of nations. DEISI hosted its first seminar for women on the 17th of September 2017. It was a time of learning and fellowship as speakers unpack lessons women of today can learn from women of old like Jechobed, Deborah, Miriam, Abigail, Rahab, Ruth, Esther and Mary. 


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